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IV Stands

From our signature Patient Pal and Trans-Pal I.V. stands with one or two top poles for general clinical use, to the CenterG line of off-set I.V. stands designed to safely managing heavy, multiple infusion devices, and to the Hitch N Pal stand design which allows I.V. stands to travel with a patient's bed, Pryor Products continues to set the standard for innovative stands and accessories associated with IV therapy. We offer the widest selection of stand bases for every conceivable application, with 4-, 5-, and 6-leg bases available in different diameters, weights and configurations. Stand base materials include steel, stainless steel and durable ABS/Polycarbonate plastic. Heavy duty, premium rubber casters or dual nylon casters are available. Standard features include our patented stainless, slow-descending telescoping pole and stainless top hooks. And our support wheels offer unsurpassed patient safety and balance. Every stand you see here is hand made - designed and manufactured with Pryor Pride. The CenterG off-set elements and Hitch N Pal bed frame elements are completely USA made.

Go to the Accessories and Parts Section for more information about our components.

Pontoon and T-Slot Stands

Patented pontoon-style bases and T-slot posts come together to provide a new and innovative way of creating custom rolling stands for medical devices.  The pontoons with or without a spanner peice provides an elegant and stable rolling  platform on which unique instrument stands can be created.  The extruded T-slot posts connect into the base, allowing any number of mount platforms to be added to the T-slot posts.  The posts can be of any length, to meet the needs of end users.  These two elements, plus an endless array of accessories and parts allows us to design and offer rolling carts of any description.

The photos below are simply examples of what we can create within this exciting new design concept for building medical device carts and stands.  Contact us if you have a particular design or device in mind that could benefit from this product set.

OEM Instrument Stands - Examples Only

Pryor Products is committed to meeting the needs of the Original Equipment Manufacturers community, with the best and safest instrument stand designs possible. All of our stands are engineered for maximum fit, form and function, and we focus on ease-of-use and mobility. Every custom stand is stability tested. If you are an OEM and need a new stand designed, please contact our Sales & Marketing department. Keep in mind that the stands shown below are simply examples of what we have created for other OEMs, and are not offered for general sale through Pryor Products at this time.

Computer Stands

Our stands allow you to effortlessly bring any mobile computer directly to where needed. They also provide security for your costly equipment against damage and potential theft. There are no computer stands and mounting systems available today of such quality for less money.

Wireless laptop computers, pen tablets and other small form factor PC's, and a wide range of peripherals are being used in an expanding array of patient care and charting applications. That's why Pryor Products has designed a family of rolling stands, mounting systems and accessories that function across the universe of mobile computers. These standard Pryor products can accommodate most computer hardware. And if required, we can customize our products to perfectly "fit" with your selected hardware.

We want you to be completely satisfied with our stands. In order to help you select the correct products, please be prepared to ship us samples of the hardware you expect to use with the stand. Keep in mind that most shapes and sizes of hardware can vary within manufacturers product lines, and even within product series. These differences can occasionally create problems, where the hardware is too snug or too loose as mounted. By allowing us to examine the hardware you have selected for the stands, we can eliminate any problems up front by making sure the hardware "fits" the stands, and if necessary modifying the stands to accept the odd computer shape or size.

Accessories and Parts

Innovation, value and safety have always been the hallmarks of Pryor Products product lines. Today, we provide a diverse range of multi-functional, productivity-enhancing accessories and parts for mounting and moving IV therapy and medical instruments. By selecting these versatile items for your specific clinical needs, you can create convenient solutions for your specific clinical requirements.  Most of these items are 100% made in the USA.

Track Systems

Pryor Products offers a complete line of ceiling mounted Cubical curtain, and 'I V' Track Systems. We also can provide you with flame resistant Cubical Curtains, custom made for your unique application. We manufacture the highest possible quality Shower curtains for institutional or domestic applications. Please contact us for samples of fabrics available. Most of these items are 100% made in the USA.

If you have questions or comments concerning our track or curtains, contact Matt Moore by E-MAIL at

C-Clamp Products

Innovation, value and safety have always been the hallmarks of Pryor Products product lines. Today, we provide a broad group of valuable, multi-functional c-clamp products for a variety of clinical needs and instrument mounting applications. Our standard c-clamp is designed to mount horizontally or vertically on round, rectangular and many irregular surfaces (e.g. I.V. poles, wall-mounted fixtures, flat work surfaces and headboards).  This clamp is 100% made in the USA.